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Water to Live…Fiber to Live Healthy

Everyone knows that the right nutrition can make all the difference,
…but what if it was also that simple?

It is, and it′s FiberWater


FiberWater is the generic descriptive for exactly what the product contains, safe pure water and soluble fiber which looks, feels and most importantly, TASTES JUST LIKE WATER -- a taste that is accepted globally -- similar enough to be recognized by everyone, yet different enough with its overt benefits and its dramatic differences over any product in the marketplace, to stand both apart and on it’s own.

FiberWater is positioned to compete globally in the bottled water market (both flat and sparkling) as well as in the wellness/functional water market.

In fact FiberWater has been such a scientific breakthrough that patents have already issued, or are pending issuance in forty (40) countries on six (6) continents.  I also want to share with you that I have made additional amazing discoveries since I first filed my FiberWater patent in February of 2000, and in fact in March 2007 I just filed a continuation to my 6,248,390 patent therefore my new discoveries are intellectual property protected as well.

Not only do I have the utility patent for FiberWater but I also have a proprietary blend of seven (7) different fibers in, as the Coca Cola Company® proudly states -- a secret formula. 

Perhaps the best way to illustrate the veracity of one bottle of FiberWater in the fiber market place is to compare the soluble fiber contents in FiberWater in direct relationship to the soluble fiber contents of foods. 

FiberWater is the only way to add significant soluble fiber to your diet with no sweeteners, no preservatives and **virtually no calories. It is important to note that the production method used to produce FiberWater guarantees that it is contaminant free and bacteria safe.

FiberWater is for everyone.  Did you know that children as well as pets and animals have a fiber requirement too?  Fiber Water can be sold everywhere bottled water is sold. 
In addition to drinking FiberWater directly, FiberWater can also be used to enhance the fiber content of foods and or other beverages such as; oatmeal, rice, coffee, tea, powdered soups, gelatins, concentrated beverage products such as frozen juices, hot chocolate, Kool-Aid® Crystal Lite®, Hawaiian Punch®, Tang®, as well as pet food, and a whole lot more.

FiberWater can also be remineralized (up to 500 mg/L), colored, flavored, and delivers what consumers want…a healthy, good-for-you drink that tastes good too.

Everyone is touting that their beverage is healthy however according to industry analysts’ beverages have to focus on proven medical benefits. According to consumers these real benefits have to be scientific and accepted as such by the medical community.  Consumers want benefits that target their existing health issues, as well as their strong desire for preventative options, and of course their goal is always to delay the aging process.

*The American Dietetic Association (ADA) recommends adults consume 20 to 35 grams of fiber daily. Children over two years old should consume their age equivalent in grams, plus five additional grams.

**Depending on the blend of soluble fiber(s) used, and the users individual ability to metabolize the fiber(s), FiberWater is non-caloric or borderline caloric.

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The chart below shows six (6) extremely important motivating factors of consumers’ reasons for choosing a healthy balanced lifestyle.

FiberWater has a consistent role in each factor.  The percentages on the graph show a general population stating that it is “extremely” or “very” important in why they maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle)

The least obvious, might be how FiberWater addresses stress.  It does and here is how:
FiberWater has two key factors that are necessary for the body to function normally – water (to sustain life) and fiber (to cleanse the system).  Stress causes the body to function abnormally, often times producing excess amount of toxins.  Therefore, FiberWater is a beneficial dietary supplement to prevent the consequences of toxins and cleanse the system of the impurities that already exist.
Note: FiberWater for emergency situations (FEMA, Red Cross etc) is covered in the FiberWater patent disclosure. (this is to be in a smaller size font)

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The Top 5 Health Issues Consumers Are Trying To Prevent:

The chart below shows that consumers have five (5) primary health concerns that they are trying to prevent.

FiberWater addresses all of these and more and here is how:  FiberWater aids the prevention of cancer and heart disease by cleansing the body of built up toxins.
(Detailed in the sub-links titled Cancer and Heart).
FiberWater also helps to curb appetite and produce satiation, preventing the over-eating habits that lead to obesity.  (Detailed in the sub-links titled Weight Loss and even Diabetes)

Marketing good-for-you is nothing new, but the tactic is becoming increasingly redefined and more and more aliment specific.  We are becoming a society that is witnessing a cultural shift that increasingly sees health problems as lifestyles rather than diseases. 
Now industry is realizing that those lifestyles have a major impact on consumers’ attitudes, their quest for health specific products, as well as a major influence on their spending habits.
FiberWater is for everyone from infancy through elder-hood…pets and animals too!  It is estimated that two thirds (2/3) of Americans are interested in their personal health as well as the health of their families and friends.  One out of every three adults over forty-five (45) is believed to have a specifically defined health condition.  Aside from just being generally healthy-for-you FiberWater addresses the broadest most seriously feared medical conditions facing the population today. 

Below is a quick glimpse of the enormous size of the marketplace with those that have these specific conditions, not to mention those that want to drink healthy (and drink healthy daily) as a preventative measure.

Currently, one in four deaths in the United States is due to cancer. A total of 1,399,790 new cancer cases and 564,830 deaths from cancer are expected in the United States in 2006. When deaths are aggregated by age, cancer has surpassed heart disease as the leading cause of death for those younger than age 85 since 1999.

*(I was not able to find statistics illustrating how many people in the US have cancer as there are so many different kinds of cancer especially if you include those with active cancer along with those in some form of remission)

So if you add together the columns, without a quantifying number for cancer, the total is about 390 million which is slightly more than the population of the United States.  This is possible, because in all of the above one individual usually has more than one condition and very often two or more.  In fact in many individuals it is one condition that caused the other(s)..

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The product: FiberWater provides a very real and substantial medical benefit for everyone, pets too.  Additionally, there are target specific medical conditions FiberWater has shown to address which happen to be the ones of greatest concern in society today. 

Not solely for drinking you can cook with fiberwater and enrich foods like rice and oatmeal with fiber without changing their taste, often making them taste better, and even provide an opportunity to reduce the amount of sweetener needed in some preparations.

Further, for hospital use especially for tube feeding patients who cannot get enough fiber or whose systems cannot handle roughage fiberwater in ready to use or concentrated form is a winner and is in a class of its own.

The business opportunity:  Neither fad nor hype FiberWater is not a here today gone tomorrow product.  The target market holds no age related, gender related, socio-economic related or ethnic boundaries.

FiberWater stands poised and positioned to be a product of vast global impact as we drink, especially water, everyday.  


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